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My Correspondence Courses are working manual for you to learn how to read the Tarot Cards, Runes or Palms for family and friends or, if you wish professionally.

You  will receive a complete package, including a CD, which includes the meaning of each Tarot Card, Rune or line on the hand,for you to learn and understand.

Questions are provided after each section for you to gauge your progress as you  continue through the course.


There are also a number of “spreads” showing you how to lay the cards/runes out and how they relate to each other.


When you feel that you can do readings for people without your notes, you email me and I send you a test reading for you to do and analyse , which you send back to me for marking, then if you pass you get your certificate.


You can take the exam more than once if needed.

The beauty of a correspondence course is that you can learn at your own pace and take the exam when you feel ready.

There is no extra charge for the exam.

Three more correspondence courses introduced 2001 are Earth Magic (the craft) , Numerology, The Ancient Egyptian Cartouche.

1. Tarot Course



2. Rune Course



3. Palmistry



4. Earth Magic Course



5. Numerology Course



6. Egyptian Cartouche




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